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Posted by DTS on Sep 2, 2020 10:03:11 AM


Accuracy, simplicity and affordability are the cornerstones of good tax automation.  Although many companies devote resources to calculate sales and use tax, they often struggle to do so within an acceptable error rate.  The implicit details surrounding each individual transaction, along with the volume of changes by the various legislative bodies and the lack of critical information at the time of purchase, are just a few main reasons why so many have serious problems in this area.

Dynamic Tax Solutions, Inc. (DTS), was established in 2009 by founders with collectively more than 40 years of experience in sales and use tax accounting and auditing. Over the last decade, DTS has helped many of the largest companies in the world to identify and correct their purchase-side transaction tax errors on a regular monthly basis.  Understanding that such errors were not exclusive to the Fortune 500, DTS recently developed a new middle-market tax application, TaxView Express, featuring simplicity, accuracy, and affordability.

Poor coding, lack of visibility, and vendor errors are three of the main culprits of all purchase-side tax errors.  However, TaxView Express allows you to overcome each of these obstacles and gives you total access and control of your tax accrual function. Not only will you pay the correct tax amount every month, you’ll also have repeatable process and a de facto data warehouse that can be leveraged to defend your positions under audit.  Utilizing the company’s proprietary Rule Builder technology, users can build very specific and strategic rules that will ultimately carry the load for you and allow you to focus your efforts on more value-added initiatives.  Best of all, TaxView Express contains over 30 “one-click” reports that allow you to know you’re getting it right, rather than just thinking or hoping you are right.  With granular visibility into your entire platform, you can measure and track accuracy with every tax calculation as well as monthly audit processes.

Not only is TaxView Express accurate, it’s also incredibly simple. The application is a fully hosted, cloud-based software solution that doesn’t require significant IT support or additional hardware. This allows most users to be fully implemented in just two to three weeks! 

TaxView Express is packaged for out-of-box ease-of-use and is fully integrated with CCH, who is the leading provider of tax rates and content in the United States. This integration delivers up-to-date tax rates and legislative content, and the proprietary Smart Template allows anyone to easily import their data directly into the application with one quick process.

TaxView Express also contains an integrated Express Manager, which serves as your in-app guide, assisting with everything from import through processing.  With these and many other features, DTS has made using TaxView Express as easy as checking your email.

All companies can benefit from implementing tax automation on their purchase-side, but unfortunately the vast majority of available options are priced well outside the reach of the middle-market.  Without such automation, companies in this market segmentation tend to overpay their obligations, have compliance issues and/or get hit with surprise audit assessments. None of which is good when the money is in heavy demand for growing the business.

TaxView Express will ultimately save your business tens of thousands of dollars each month!  Not only is it one of the most cost-efficient solutions available today, it also comes with the company’s exclusive “Zero Fee Guarantee.” This means, if your benefit doesn’t exceed twice your cost, you don’t pay!

It only takes $5,000 to get started with TaxView Express.  This setup fee covers the development and distribution of your custom implementation program, as well as the buildout of your JE writer for journal entry extracts.  After set-up, you pay just $2,500 per month to process up to 25,000 transactions per month.

TaxView Express takes a specific and unique approach that amplifies accuracy, simplicity and cost savings. No longer do middle-market companies need to spend an exorbitant amount of time and money to achieve the same benefits of those larger companies with dependable tax automation.  The utilization of our smart technology provides maximum flexibility and is designed to always stay up-to-date with unmatched accuracy and simplicity.  TaxView Express will solve your challenges and ultimately make your monthly accrual process more efficient. To find out more about TaxView Express, click here.

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