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Can you see this with your data?

Posted by DTS on Jun 11, 2019 8:43:47 AM


“You can be the best tax practitioner in the country, but if you have no way to see if something is miscoded or not working correctly, how can you be expected to fix it?” 

Most tax automation can leverage certain data points to analyze and calculate the amount of tax due on a particular purchase. However, they fall woefully short when it comes to providing the proper visibility to see if the analysis and calculations are correct. 

Because of these facts, we decided to make our Report Viewer the central hub for all of our tax applications. Doing so allows users to identify bad source coding, validate rate calculations, view tax determinations, and most importantly allows us to KNOW, not hope or assume, that your tax process is working correctly.

Since poor coding is the number one cause for purchase-side tax errors, don’t you think it makes sense to analyze exactly what’s being sent to your tax engine?  We do, and we actually do it several different ways to ensure garbage in doesn’t produce garbage out.

Let me show you what I mean in the video below.



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