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Importing Data

Posted by DTS on Jul 15, 2019 8:36:06 AM


Being aware of your data is one of the most important things in an emerging digital landscape. Without data, it’s impossible to gain a deeper understanding into the processes needed to help your business run. Not only do potential problems go unnoticed, until they bubble over into serious issues, it’s harder to protect your company against business risks when you’re unaware of the specific details in your data. This is especially true within the corporate tax department. When tax practitioners don’t understand the specifics of their data, the company’s risk of non-compliance with federal, international, and state and local tax codes can skyrocket.

After understanding your data, it is important to learn how to import it into your system, calculate that data and track it. To calculate accurate sales and use taxes, it is imperative that we can easily and quickly load good and complete data. Most tax engines require a complicated interface with an ERP. TaxView Express is different.

Watch our video to learn how easy it is to import your data!



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