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Why Would We Spend the Money on TaxView When we Already Have a Working Tax Engine?

Posted by DTS on Oct 29, 2018 9:08:19 AM


Many prospects ask us "why should we spend money on TaxView when we already have a working Tax Engine." Our answer is simple. TaxView can do things your tax engine can’t, and DTS does things that many software vendors don’t.  Below are just a few examples of each.

  • Your tax engine cannot validate itself. The current engine could be generating many accrual-related errors, based on limited rules capabilities or limited information available to make tax decisions at the time of a transaction. These errors typically do not become visible until audit or reverse audit time – both of which can cost you significant dollars.


  • TaxView is more accurate because it contains enhanced visibility into all the data needed to drive a true tax determination. This level of detail also allows your reporting to be much more comprehensive than any other tax software and is invaluable in making configuration changes to your existing tax engine.


  • TaxView allows you to identify and immediately correct all accrual and vendor charged tax errors, unlike other engines that just give you the ability to flag such transactions for a subsequent and manual tolerance review.


  • TaxView allows you to review all accrual adjustments before they are sent to the GL. This allows you to ensure you’re getting your intended result without the need for making time consuming reversals.


  • TaxView is a true system of record, because it stores the details associated with every processed transaction, not just the taxable ones. It also provides an efficient way to analyze and pull data by vendor, location and/or geography for audit purposes.


  • TaxView allows you to build, track, and manage your own refund claims – by vendor or tax jurisdiction. This can save you an unbelievable amount of time and money with their recovery efforts.


  • TaxView Pro allows you to allocate any invoice or invoice line to as many different locations as needed. Once allocated, the system then looks to the rates and taxability of the receiving location to determine your actual tax liability.

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