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Posted by DTS on Feb 27, 2019 9:45:28 AM




The second cornerstone for a sound sales and use tax automation function is simplicity. 

A good sales and use tax system must be simple in its configuration, ongoing use, and reporting.  in my opinion, each of these elements must be understood and managed by tax professionals without the aid of I.T. professionals.

Sales and use tax systems are often far too complex to be used by tax professionals. They often require specialized IT resources to build an interface to an ERP system, they often require complex routines to handle simple decisions, and reporting is rigid. Add massive data files to the mix and you have a recipe to overwhelm a tax practitioner. Too often, I see CFO’s who assume that the sales and use tax function is under control when such expensive systems are implemented to only find out later they are in a worse situation than before when significant over-payments are uncovered or when significant fines and penalties are paid to jurisdictions under audit.

Choose a system that allows tax professionals to do their job. TaxView Express is an application that is a fully hosted, cloud-based software solution that doesn’t require significant IT support or additional hardware. TaxView Express also contains an integrated Express Manager, which serves as your in-app guide, assisting with everything from data import, tax decisions, tax rates, and dynamic reporting.  With these and many other features, DTS has made using TaxView Express as easy as checking your email.

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